Tax Structuring Services

Tax Services – International Tax Services

*Finding the  most efficient route, while investing in another country, supports the success of that investment directly. Under international tax structuring services we support our clients to find the most feasible  and efficient ways of doing business in Turkey.

*Some of the crucial topics to be responded  by us can be listed as follows:

  • “Debt or Equity financing”
  • “From which Countries to invest”
  • “Which type of company structure should be used?
  • “How to repatriate cash to the Homeland?”
  • “Transfer Pricing rules”
  • “Dividend taxation”
  • “How to offfset paid taxes in another country”
  • “Are there any limitations for the payments made to abroad?”
  • “Taxation of service charges from HQ”
  • “Royalty charges”
  • “Incentives that can be used”
  • Taxation of exit scenarios – “capital gains”
  • “Expatriate’s taxation”
  • “Double Taxation Treaties”